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This is the homepage of the cmappCalendar object-orientated web calendar

The cmappCalendar is a complex application, but it is easy to configure and to use. This makes it simple to deploy on your website without changing a single line of code!

You've made it to the homepage of the cmappCalendar PHP application. If you've got this far, you've probably been reading reviews of our script on Sourceforge or on HotScripts.com. Now you have the opportunity to download the script and to take it for a test drive. You can also see the script in action on this site (although the Sourceforge servers tend to be overloaded quite a lot). cmappCalendar is a super fast, super flexible object-orientated PHP application which displays a calendar on your website. The calendar can work as a front-end for an optional database-backed events manager - a highly configurable application which you can use to add, manage and delete events from your website.

If you are a website owner or designer and you just want to get the cmappCalendar up and running without any hassle, you're probably looking for this information

The cmappCalendar is very easy to install and get running on your website. In fact, it should be possible to get it up and running without changing a single line of code. Once you have the tarball downloaded from Sourceforge, it should be a cinch to unpack it and to upload the entire cmappCalendar directory onto your web server. The only problems which might arise are with file and directory permissions, but these problems are predictable and easy to solve. You can check out the Online Documentation for installing and using the cmappCalendar.

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