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How to request a new feature for cmappCalendar

If you have thought of a new feature which you think would make cmappCalendar better please submit a feature request!

We're constantly looking to add new functionality to the cmappCalendar. This is, of course, limited by considerations such as how long it would take to implement a certain feature, or how much of a code rewrite would be necessary. If you want us to add a feature, a good description of how exactly the feature would work and how it would improve cmappCalendar would be very useful. Additionally, if you know of an application which already has this feature (hint: it need not be a web application - e.g. you might have seen a feature in a desktop mail or calendaring application), you could send us on a URL or description of where we might be able to review such a feature.

To request a new feature for cmappCalendar, visit http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=174972&atid=871362.

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