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How to register as a developer of the cmappCalendar

So you'd like to help out with developing the cmappCalendar? That's great! Just read this quickstart guide and you'll be good to go in minutes!

First of all, you are going to need to be a Sourceforge Member. This is very easy. If you haven't already registered at Sourceforge, click here to register for Sourceforge now..

I am already a Sourceforge registered user. What do I do to become a member of the cmappCalendar development team?

The fastest way of becoming a member of the cmappCalendar is to send an email to the maintainer. You can then get added as an official cmappCalendar developer with all the relevant privileges, such as CVS write access etc. You can also use the contact form on the Contact Page. As this is a form-to-mail (to the same email address as this mailto link), you're probably better off writing an e-mail anyway.

I don't want to become a developer - I just want to report a bug, look for help, request a new feature etc. What do I do?

As soon as the mailing list is set up, the best answer here is to send an email to the cmappCalendar mailing list. Someone on the list (probably the maintainer) will reply to your email with an answer. Alternatively, you could try sending an email to the maintainer directly (warning: this may remain unanswered!) - click here to send an email now.

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