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What are snapshots and what good are they to me?

A snapshot is a frozen image of an application taken at any particular time, without paying much regard to the actual content of the application

This may sound a bit strange, but it is true - a developer makes a snapshot of an application by, e.g. creating a tarball out of source code at any particular time. No attention is paid to what is in the tarball - it simply reflects the stage of development at the time at which the tarball was created. You could probably think of it as a kind of screenshot - an image of a desktop taken at a particular time.

Does the cmappCalendar have any snapshots?

It is anticipated to create a cron job to automatically generate a snapshot from a developer's workstation and to dump it into a particular directory on this server. A PHP script will then generate the appropriate HTML code on this website so you can download and install any snapshot. As mentioned, this is "anticipated". If and when this happens is another matter. The Sourceforge people don't seem overly happy about people distributing snapshots anyway, so we'll have to give some thought to how we go about doing this...

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