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Who developed what, when, using which tools or programs?

If you want to see who's responsible for the features of the cmappCalendar application, you can check here. If you are a developer and your name is not listed here, see the notice at the bottom of the page.

The following people are currently listed as having contributed to the development of cmappCalendar:

What code does cmappCalendar rely on? Does cmappCalendar link against any other libraries?

cmappCalendar was developed from scratch by Ciaran Farrell, the original author. See the page Licensing for more details on how cmappCalendar was licensed. When the event manager was added, Eric Bosrup's famous Overlib library was added to give mouseover pop-up functionality. Thus, if you want to use the event manager, you need to use Overlib. Overlib is distributed with cmappCalendar but is not activated by default (at least not at the moment).

Another thing to consider before downloading and installing cmappCalendar is that the event manager currently requires a MySQL database. Without read-write access to a MySQL database, the event manager will not work (well, with read access you will still be able to see existing events, but you won't be able to add new ones, or to modify or delete existing ones). It is planned to develop an xml substitute for a database soon. Another thing planned in the not-so-soon future is an abstraction of the PHP database calls, so any database can be used and not just MySQL.

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