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What languages are this website and the cmappCalendar application available in?

If you don't want to read these pages or the cmappCalendar application documentation in english, what other choices do you have? Read on!

Unfortunately, this website and the cmappCalendar application are currently only available in english. The application itself was programmed without taking internationalisation into account, so a bit of a code rewrite is necessary. However, given that there is not much actual visual output (i.e. a calendar is composed mostly of numbers), there isn't all that much to be changed. This is a job for cmappCalendar 1.3 and not for 1.2 stable.

OK - so the application itself is currently only available in english. What about this website and the application documentation?

At some stage, I can get around to making the documentation and this website available in german. If anyone else could contribute a translation into any language at all, this would be great. Just get in touch with me by sending email to ciaranfarrell@babelworx.net.

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