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Here is some general information concerning the licensing of cmappCalendar

In case you were wondering which licensing terms relate to cmappCalendar, this General page was written to give an overview of all licensing:

There are a number of basic license components which relate directly or indirectly to cmappCalendar. These are:

That's a lot of license components - I'm beginning to lose the oversight here

No problem! First of all, just take the license of the actual cmappCalendar itself. All of the code of the cmappCalendar application was written by Ciaran Farrell and is thus copyright (c) Ciaran Farrell. All of this code, without exception, is released under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL), from the Free Software Foundation. For more information on the LGPL, see the LGPL Homepage at GNU.org.

Now, let's deal with the licensing of the third-party plugins or utilities. Currently, the only third-party utility which is distributed as part of cmappCalendar is Eric Bosrup's Overlib javascript library. You can visit the homepage of this plugin by clicking here (opens in a new window). This javascript library is licensed under the "Artistic License". You can read the license details on the Overlib page. Note that the Overlib license is not compatible with the General Public License but this should not worry us too much, as we use the Lesser General Public, which allows linking to code under licenses such as the Artistic License.

The cmappCalendar Documentation is released under the Free Documentation License, also from the Free Software Foundation. As this documentation currently does not exist, this shouldn't bother anyone ;-) However, when the documentation is made available, there are a number of restrictions contained in the Free Documentation license which should be kept in mind, especially if you want to redistribute cmappCalendar.

This website content is also subject to copying and re-use restrictions. The content is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike license. You can find more information and the text of this license agreement on the Copying page.

All content on this site copyright (c) 2005 - 2018 the cmappCalendar developers. Some rights reserved. Any trademarks used are property of their respective owners.